“We’ve put a lot of work into our platform, worked with fantastic experts in this field, and we’re heading into development. ” The launch is in sight, so reach out if you’d like to join an awesome team building something special.


With over 17+ years of experience in beauty, fitness, and wellness, Raquel is a credited Master Esthetician owner-operator of Skin 7 Studio, as a former Spa Director, Raquel has valuable experience leading in sales, marketing, along with the technical business aspects of accounting and company management.
Her leadership acumen, strong customer relationships, and problem-solving abilities.

Brtyr was created with a lot of passion and forward-thinking, the industries are growing at a rapid rate, and we should all grow with it. Because Raquel understands the challenges of professionals in our industries, brtyr exists to add meaningful relationships with our peers, adding value to your practice.





We look forward to sharing brtyr with our community of experts and we can't wait to share new experiences and improve your self-care needs.